Venue: Three Rivers Museum of Local History, Basing House, High Street, Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 1HP.

The Museum contains items of local history from all parts of Three Rivers, including features on William Penn and Croxley Great Barn, old photographs, archaeological finds and some architectural items salvaged from demolition. The Chronology of Rickmansworth and the Chronology of five Villages in the Three Rivers District is presented in two hands-on displays. The Museum is located between the library and Watersmeet Theatre, at the eastern section of the High Street. There are public toilets in nearby council offices. There is wheelchair access to Basing House via the side door, but not a lot of space to accommodate wheelchairs – please contact the museum for details prior to any visit. Membership Fees for the Trust: * Individual Membership £10.00; * Senior Citizens £8.00; * Students £8.00; There is no charge for admission but donations are welcomed. Publications: * Yesterday – Today (Spring and Autumn) * An Introduction to Croxley Great Barn * Famous People in Three Rivers * Basing House: the history of a famous Rickmansworth house * The First 21 Years – Three Rivers Museum of Local History 1988-2009

Three Rivers Museum Trust also has a Flikr site & Facebook page.


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